Sphere Las Vegas Elevates Legacy of Fulldome

The Sphere lights up for the first time in Las Vegas in celebration of Independence Day on July 4, 2023, photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Las Vegas, NV – The recent opening of the Sphere Las Vegas has marked a significant milestone in the evolution of immersive entertainment spaces. The Sphere, using its fulldome format, is redefining how audiences experience out-of-this-world adventures, blending technology with artistry in ways never seen before — or have they?

A New Era of Immersive Entertainment – Not Only in Planetariums, Anymore

The Sphere Las Vegas boasts a colossal 15,000 square meter, 16K resolution screen, creating an enveloping visual spectacle. This is complemented by spatialized sound experience delivered through an impressive array of 1,600 speakers. But the innovation doesn’t stop there. The Sphere also features haptic seating, wind machines, and even the capability to diffuse fragrances, all combining to transport audiences to entirely new realms.

Fulldome: Beyond the Sphere Las Vegas

While Sphere is currently the largest and most advanced venue featuring the fulldome format, it’s essential to note that it didn’t pioneer this technology. Fulldome has been a part of the entertainment and education landscape for years, with its roots in planetariums and its branches spreading across various creative realms.

Performances in Fulldome venues can range from simple projections to a mix of projections and live performances. This versatility allows for a wide array of themes, from the cosmic depths explored in planetariums to the rich cultural history of Mesmerica.

A Global Flourishing Fulldome Community

The fulldome format isn’t confined to Las Vegas or even to Sphere-branded venues. There’s a thriving global community dedicated to fulldome works, with creators and venues pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in immersive experiences.

Notable among these venues is the Los Angeles Vortex Dome, opened in 2010 at Los Angeles Center Studios. This venue, known for hosting everything from ballet to Electronic Dance Music (EDM) events, hosted by among others, Brianna Amore, reflects the diversity of fulldome applications. Unfortunately, the pandemic led to the closure of the Vortex Dome, but efforts are ongoing to establish a network of permanent fulldome venues.

Pioneers and Innovators in the Fulldome Space

The Satosphere in Montreal, Canada, stands as one of the most respected Full Dome venues globally. Located at the Society for Arts and Technology, it is a testament to the creative and technological potential of Full Dome.

Artists like Brianna Amore have been pivotal in pushing the fulldome format to new vistas. With a decade of collaboration with Vortex Immersion, Amore has created mesmerizing works such as “The Journey” and “Luminarius,” along with numerous projects for confidential clients.

The Future of Fulldome Experiences

The Sphere in Las Vegas may be the most talked-about venue right now, but it’s part of a larger, vibrant movement that blends art, technology, and culture. From planetariums to music venues, fulldome is carving out a niche in the entertainment industry, offering audiences novel, immersive experiences that transcend traditional boundaries.

As this innovative format continues to evolve, it promises to bring more awe-inspiring experiences to audiences around the world, further cementing its place in the realm of cutting-edge entertainment.

Why Is It Called Fulldome?

What makes fulldome different than other formats? It’s in its name: fulldome says it is a full 360° immersive image — that surrounds viewers with a visual and auditory experience. That image actually wraps around to yield a full hemisphere as one seamless moving image from the front to back, around the sides on the left and right, as well as over the audience.

Finding Out More about Fulldome

Creating for immersive uses many of the same resources that other storytellers apply in their crafts. Special 360° cameras capture images that then are adapted for the fulldome format in particular. Digital 3D animation serves a powerful tool to create scenes, environments, and interactions that could only be imagined — now are realized on the expansive dome projected for audiences to immersively experience!

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